10 Distractions blocking you from living your dreams

Posted on Jul 11th, 2015 in Inspirational, Life

The Top 10 Distractions Blocking You From Living Your Dreams

By Amateo Ra | Are you a dreamer? Do you have beautiful visions about how amazing your life could truly be? Evolution in truth is inherently about how to grow or develop. At the same time, there are more distractions than ever pulling us away from the path to our dreams. In this blog, I call out & shine light on these distractions, so they no longer have the power to hold you back.

So whether it’s your life, relationships, career focus, it’s very likely you hold a precious dream of how good it can get. I am always revisiting my life journey and thinking…How does it get better than this? What can I do to make this so?

However, it’s not always as simple as putting an “X” on the map and setting out to get it. There are distractions, pitfalls, detours on the journey. And in our modern World, there are more things than ever competing for your attention, and distracting you from your mission.

And I’ll share that I believe that absolutely everybody should embrace and accept where they are at on the journey….and it’s still a journey. And down the path of that journey is even more greatness than you’re currently experiencing.

The items listed below are not always or necessarily distractions. Sometimes they are useful tools, and have an amazing purpose in our lives, even if that purpose is to decompress and relax. However, when overused and abused, or used during times when you really need to focus, they get in the way. Well, at least they used to!

1) Getting Stuck in Your Mind


Thinking about all the things you want to do, but find yourself not doing any of them? Find yourself telling a lot of people about what you want to do, but find yourself not truly doing it? Thinking you have to have it all figured out before you start?

These are all signs you are stuck in your mind. While the mind might tell you, you need to figure everything out, the truth is it never has everything figured out. It’s always problem solving, understanding and learning on the fly.

The difference between those who create epic, meaningful and impactful lives is choosing to really live, not just thinking about living. Your dreams are meant to come true, not to be daydreams in the middle of misery.

2) Browser Blackout


Ever open a tab on your browser and start reading about something, and then find yourself 45 minutes later in a whole other area of the internet not even sure how you got there?

How did you even get here, to reading this blog? What did you set out to do before you landed here?

Browser blackout is a very real thing, and I’d say it affects just about anybody who is browsing online or through social media. The entire internet is one data linked wired wormhole, that will eat your dreams alive if you become a constant consumer.

However, if you become a Creator, you can use these tools and information to inspire and drive you. It takes healthy boundaries and focus to make this work for you.

3) Netflix Binge


Similar Browser Blackout, Netflix now allows us to gorge on media, movies & TV one after another until our eyes glaze over and we pass out. No commercials, interruptions, just an endless stream of entertainment, stories and drama beamed into your consciousness.

So let me ask you: Are you more interested in watching other people live epic lives and create amazing stories for themselves? Or are you more interested and passionate about living your life in the most epic fashion ever?

You have to want life, and to be free. Freedom comes from the willingness to be dedicated and take passionate action towards what you stand for, value and desire. The remote after all is in your hands.

4) Mindless Small Talk


Ever find yourself in a conversation with other people and they are going on and on about something that feels highly superficial or meaningless?

Advertisers and marketers have done their absolutely best in infiltrating our thoughts and taking over the conversations. This means endless conversations are happening about products, movies, shows, you name it. Not to mentions this on top of all of the stuff happening in our own lives.

A great way to work on this is to ask yourself each day. How many meaningful conversations did I have today? How can I increase this tomorrow?

5) Drama Addiction

I am about to reveal an uncomfortable truth, so brace yourself…Most people’s modern day problems are self-created, and would simply dissolve if they changed the way they were responding to them and the actions they were taking.

Since the advent of TV & Movies, we began to think it was normal to have immense amount of drama in our lives. We’ve been led to think that’s normal, acceptable and just the natural way things tend to be. I’m here to tell you it’s not.

The drama monster has a bottomless appetite and the only way to stop the hunger is to starve it for good. Live to give, to enjoy, and focus on what’s good, rather than what’s constantly wrong, bad or sucks. It’ll change your life and lead you one step closer to your dreams.

6) That Job You Hate


If you’re working a soul-crushing job that weighs on you emotionally, start thinking about how to change this immediately.

Living our dreams doesn’t alway happen overnight, and is often paved with little improvements that go a long way. Making a change doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to be better than it is now. There are a ton of jobs now that help you feel as though you have a purpose, are making a positive difference and providing a contribution, that also pay well.

Working a job you hate is old paradigm, and your range of opportunities are as vast as your imagination.

7) The Tomorrow Syndrome


At some point we all have to decide to stop putting our dreams off and start living them Today! Right now!

If we decide we “can’t” do something, our minds can be amazingly convincing that this is so. This often leads to all the great things we want to be doing being left on the shelf because we think we don’t have enough money, time, energy, or feel good enough to do it.

The problem is that tomorrow doesn’t ever come, and gradually you move further away from what you truly want. Starting today and making small steps everyday and truly sticking to it will make more progress for you in a few months than others will accomplish in years. Start now & simple, it’s not all or nothing.

8.) Letting Naysayers & Haters Rule Your Life


Whether it’s your parents, your teachers or your friends, it’s likely there is someone in your life putting down and squashing your dreams. Telling you about how they are unrealistic, stupid and risky and that you are better off taking a more conservative route.

This opinion isn’t bad or even always untrue, however it’s the voice of fear of change and unknown territory. It’s likely your dreams demand you do something new that you’ve never done before, and that can cause you to secretly experience fear.

However, you have to want it and go after it boldly, bravely and with loving confidence. Don’t let the naysayers or haters run your life or make your decisions, they’ll always lead you astray. Trust your heart!

9.) “I don’t know how…”


More often than not, when I ask someone what their dreams are and they tell me, and I ask them why they aren’t doing it right now, they tell me, “I don’t know how.”

What if I told you that you don’t actually have to know how?

All you have to know is how to take the very next step. Always, that’s it. You just have to figure out how to get to the next step, and that is enough to take you from there.

You can’t learn a language all at once, you have to learn a word at a time. Our minds are so silly to think that living our dreams would be any different. Don’t let this distraction creep in and drive you to hide & shy away from your greatness.

10) Fighting the System


I truly believe our time is far better spent building a new system rather than fighting the old. The thing is it literally takes more energy to create something new than to push back against the old.

Think about this: Would it be easier for me to break your computer or iphone or for me to build you a new one from scratch? Destroying, fighting, resisting, while often convincing, is actually a distraction.

I dare you to do something different, while working with whatever systems you really need to if it truly support your dreams. You can spend a lifetime fighting & protesting, or you can spend all that energy creating a life so far removed from that reality you feel truly free. It exists!

Overtime these little distractions, even minutes or an hour a day, start to build up. What seems to be a slightly detour over a long period of time, means you arrive at a completely different destination. In order to course-correct, to realign your journey to your dreams, it’s important to create new healthy habits around these various things.

To live your dreams means to constantly be course-correcting to ensure you are on track with them. You owe it to yourself to dedicate your life fully to pursuing them!

You know what the meaning of life is? It’s to live.


About the author: Amateo Ra is a Conscious Entrepreneur & Business Coach, supporting others build thriving brands & products to support humanity ascend to higher levels of existence. Amateo is also the founder of Creator Course, an Online School & Publisher for Conscious Living which is currently being built.


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