FREE Wildcard SSL to everyone with Let’s Encrypt

Posted on Aug 14th, 2018 in Apps, Development, Technology, Website

The wait is finally over! LetsEncrypt is now issuing free wildcard SSL for everyone. They already was issuing SSL for Single domains but SSL for Wildcards was not ready. It was planned to go live around January 2018 but there were delays and finally it went live on the 13th of March 2018. If you are not already on who and what is LetsEncrypt please follow this link to read more.

There are many implementations done based on LetsEncrypt and Certbot is their most recommended one. You can find all the other implementations in the following URL.

My Favorite out of all these is ZeroSSL. Why I liked that was because I was tired trying to get certbot working but finally I found out that I was trying the impossible on an Ubuntu OS version which does not support anymore.

ZeroSSL has the online tools where you could get the all the certificate generation done just on one page. Installing the SSL was not an issue since the server I was working on already had an expired SSL and it was only a matter of replacing the old ones. ZeroSSL is good for someone with sound knowledge with handing SSL manually. If not you could try to use Certbot full automated version which does everything for you. Certbot Auto also can be configured in a way where it automatically renews its SSL on every 3 months before expiring which comes in handy.


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