Getting started with the Ionic Framework (Workshop)

Posted on Oct 17th, 2015 in Apps, Development, Technology

“Getting started with the Ionic Framework” is another workshop that I attended with some of my office colleagues. This meetup was about an introduction to Ionic framework. I only had heard about it earlier. I just had a look at some of the videos at YouTube before participating to the meetup. It was clear that whatever it is not going to be hard since I already had experience in working with AngularJS and Angular material. It was very familiar because of that. This session was conducted by Anuradha Weeraman who was an Senior Architech at Virtusa. I figured that with the knowledge I learned from that session; it was not very far from starting to develop mobile applications. He explained and showed us the best practices what things we should be considered about when developing hybrid and web applications with this technology.

Conclusion: Leaned lot of new things. Excited about mobile app development. I will be trying out this technology for some of my applications.

This is an picture captured while Mr Anuradha is having the Q&A session

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