Ionic Framework VS React Native – Colombo JS Meetup

Posted on Mar 21st, 2016 in Apps, Development, Technology

ionic-and-react17th March was the day this meetup was held. This meetup also was held by the “Colombo JS Meetup” group. Colombo JS meetup group is a group of JavaScript enthusiasts who try various new things which is possible.

This meetup was to discuss which is best, Ionic Framework or React Native. This will totally depend on the requirement which you are going to use these or one of these for your own project. Both technologies were introduced to the audience and discussed with two professionals who use these technologies for day to day projects at their work spaces. Anyway the as i mentioned earlier also its a tough call. Both technologies are new and growing. Both of them has their own pros and cons. The ultimate result will depend on your project requirement.

If your goal is to get your idea into an app and get it fast out to the world with an easy way, Ionic Framework is your path. It follows the idea where you only have to code once and you can use the same code to be published in all the other famous platforms (Android. Apple, Windows etc.). But if you have already go your idea to the world and if your app is growing from just being an simple app to a platform which supports many more features, it is better to switch into React Native. Most of the issues found in other platforms were covered with these two technologies.

So, my conclusion for this was to select Ionic Framework to start up with a project and to switch to React after a while. But switching will not be a mandatory. It also depends on the usage of the application and you should consider if its necessary for this upgrade. Anyway what ever happens, I will try both of these and will use both to my projects.


Following are some Images from the meetup.

IMG_20160317_181614 IMG_20160317_194332

More information about the meetup can be found in the following link below.

JS in Mobile App Development

Thursday, Mar 17, 2016, 6:00 PM

#20 Palm Groove Colombo 03, LK

110 developers Went

Lighting Talks in• Ionic Framework- Rashmika Nawathana – Mobile Enthusiast from 99X Technology• React Native- Pasindu Rumal – Mobile Enthusiast from CakeLabsA panel discussion about JS in Mobile application development.

Check out this Meetup →

I also found another blog post another person who attended the session has written.

Hybrid Mobile Apps with JavaScript – a meetup


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