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Smoothflow Chatbots

Web Apps

Date: May, 2020

Client: Duo Software Pvt. Ltd.


Smoothflow Chatbots is a platform which can be used to create and deploy chatbots into the cloud within a few minutes. Its created in the intention of making it easy to use so even a non technical person could create a chatbot easily. The business requirements may change regularly and therefore its easy to user Smoothflow Chatbots to use in these kinds of scenarios.

The user could easily design all the media elements required for the chatbot. These chatbots also could be publish to Facebook, Whatsapp, Slack and Viber. After creating all the elements they can use Smoothflow Studio to create and refer to these elements and create automations for conversations. They also could use AI rules to match keywords with the relevant automations. Once deployed the Chatbot will function as expected. The behavior can be changed just by editing the automations and redeploying them into the cloud.