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Sri Lanka Blue


Date: March, 2015

Client: Roy Tissera


This website was developed for Roy Tissera. This is a single paged website. When you click on the menu, it will navigate to the correct location of the content to display it to the user. This website also content which are more about tourism and about his private company. There are several number of pages which are categorized as in the following. Β Sri Lanka, Maldives, Hotels, Tours, About and Contact.

Roy concentrate on tourism on both Sri lanka and Maldives there for both of these pages were included on his request which details about their locations. The Hotels page includes all the information about the hotels which he uses during his tour. The tours page includes details about the example tour itineraries which are conducted by him. As the final two pages the About page and the contact page has been included. From these the user will be able to get more information about roy and contact him about the tours.