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Posted on Nov 9th, 2015 in Apps, Development, Technology


Figure 1 – The basic view of the IDE where everything is designed

Process Designer is an application that I have been working on since the end of 2014. Started from scratch and now I have been able to build a workflow solution which could be compared with Microsoft Workflow Foundation. Of course it includes lot of customized and unique features which are as inbuilt features which increases the efficiency when it comes for developing workflows.

It wasn’t that clear in the beginning how successful or how useful this product is gonna be. Recently when it was in a level of testing and trying out new things, it was made clear how powerful this is. I was amazed by the wonderful product I had developed. There are many new ideas that is currently on queue to be added to it. Anyway it is not yet release for public. This is just a sneak peak.

Speaking of more details about it, the UI (front end) is developed with AngularJS and a firm back-end called Process Engine which was developed with Golang. Doing the back end with Golang was a wise move. Now it had opened new doors for this application.

Building workflows with this is really easy. For an example lets say you need to create a workflow for a user registration process. All you need to is just drag and drop the controls from the toolbar and publish it. if you need SMS and Email support to add two step verification or email verification in your process; drag them too to your workflow design with provided settings and volla! now your workflow supports SMS and Email in the way you want it. Its just simple as that.

This is what the product looks like in the current stage of development. Since this application is development there will me mane new features and changes made in the near future. Therefore thses screenshots could be old soon 😀


Figure 2 – Open window which saved workflow designes could be reopened for editing


Figure 3 – Workflow test window can be used to test the workflow with dummy data


Figure 4 – About page also displays the latest changes that were made for the UI and the backend


Figure 5 – The properties bar is displayed on the right which all the properties of different controls could edited

Credits goes to :- Nuwan Kanakarathna for initiating the backend, Eranga Manoj to helping me out with the development on the UI

Since this post is only a sneak peak about the application, I am hoping to write another post with more explained details with its other features.


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